The Customer Funnel

Kickstart Your Freelance Business

The fundamentals of freelancing for developers, packed in a 5 steps approach. Find your first customer and start monetizing your skills.

Find Your First Gig

The hardest to get. Learn how to land your first freelance job as a developer in 5 steps.

Hook Your Customers

Build a portfolio that converts, differentiate yourself and build trust into your customers.

Monetize your Skills

Time is money, price it accordingly. Learn how to value and monetize your skills.


Build Trust and Retain Your Customers

Finding a new customer is twice expensive as retaining an old one. Learn to establish long-term relations with your customers and see them asking for your skills again.

The Customer Funnel - Kickstart your freelance business is a book made by developers for developers. Aware of the struggles to kickstart a successful freelance career.

An handbook with all you need to know to start monetizing your skills.

Full-stack developer and Author.

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